Friday, December 29, 2017

Las Vegas at Christmas

Earlier in December, we took a trip to Las Vegas. Last year, we went to Disney World in December, so my Christmas decoration expectations were high. A lot of the Vegas resorts have at least some Christmas decorations, though some have a lot more than others. I was there during the National Rodeo Finals, so most resorts were playing country music, but I assume they switched to Christmas music after the rodeo ended. It definitely didn't feel like Christmas in Nevada though, it was about 75 and sunny every day! I didn't even see a cloud the entire week!

This was my second time in Vegas, and we stayed at the Wynn this time (Venetian last time), and we loved it! The atmosphere and service are just incredible! While the Venetian was nice, we weren't blown away like at the Wynn.  I plan to only stay at the Wynn in the future. The Wynn also had some of the best decorations:


The Bellagio also went all out with decorations. The Bellagio gardens were beautiful! A lot of the stores also had trees, like Tiffanys:

Caesars also decorated their Lobby for Christmas (but I didn't see many decorations elsewhere):

Same with the Palazzo:

Finally, I had to get a shot of this tree at the southwest check-in at the airport.. I can't wait till Southwest flies to Hawaii! Unless flights don't start by then, we will be going back to Hawaii for Christmas 2018!!!

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