Saturday, January 27, 2018

Death Valley National Park

While we were in Vegas we took some day trips to national and state parks. Death valley was an unexpected and desolate beauty. We started at the Furnace Creek visitors center (entering the park from Nevada) where they told us we could find lunch at the Oasis or on the reservation (the guide suggested the reservation was the way to go). We ended up trying the Indian Tacos and shave ice on the reservation, and they were amazing (pics at the end of the post)! Ive heard the hours are kind or sporatic so have a back up plan if you decide to do this.

After we drove out to Badwater Basin, the lowest point in the US, and then worked our way back to Furnace Creek, hitting all the attractions along the way (Natural Bridge, Artists Drive and Artists Palette, Red Cathedral, Zabriskie Point were all very different and worth seeing). We skipped Devil's Golf Course because the drive to the Natural Bridge was pretty rough on the rental car (but totally worth it!) and it looked like the Golf Course was at the end of another rough dirt road. It wouldve been cool to see Scotty's Castle and the Racetrack, but we only had about 4 hours before it got dark (being December this was around 4:30 pm).